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Consultation and engineering

Every part and product model must be optimized for CNC machining. Then it must meet its technical specifications and fulfill its usage needs. After that it must be machinable under normal conditions – machining time, tools requirements etc. 

Our 20 years of machine building and manufacturing experience is working for the clients benefit to help solve even the most complicated problems.

If we discover some issue with your product or part models, we will contact beforehand we apply a solution. 

CNC Machining

Our primary service is manufacturing parts and products by the clients appointment using our high-precision machinery. 

We can provide complex parts/products made from different aluminum alloys, but also smaller parts from stainless steel, steel, plastics, etc. 

We use best machines in its class and up to date knowledge to make high quality products. Machines are maintained and serviced regular basis. 

Quality checking

We are using high-end Mitutoyo testing and measuring equipment for precision production to provide tolerances less than 10 micrometers with stable materials.

We can perform different quality checks and provide reports by request. 

Surface treatment

We can provide brushing, polishing, grinding and other special surface treatment options.

As well we can subcontract local high-quality anodizing and powder coating services for your product finishing requirements.

Clear and black anodizing can be provided as a standard, other colours are available by request. 

Product design and 3D modelling

Extensive experience developing different products allows us to make that knowledge work for clients. 

If you have only simple drawings or just an idea of the part  you want to machine, solid modelling and product design services  are available from our in-house engineers. We prepare machinable part 3d-models at reasonable costs.

We also recover models and drawings from old legacy formats.

Assembly and turnkey solutions

We can provide full spectrum of turnkey services from idea development to production, assembly and packaging on our in-house premises. Quality assurance methods are used and applied according the specific needs.

Our network of partners are happy to add different surface treatments for the part/product like anodizing, sanding, blasting and brushing.

Assembly line and other services for machined products can be arranged at clients request. 

General terms

CNC machining  service – price per product and quantity.

Third party services like anodizing  etc.  – can be only included with machining service. 

0% VAT for EU clients when they provide their valid VAT number. 

Down-payment for new clients from 50% of estimate.