About us

Volta industries is a historical production site and one of the Estonian biggest industrial complex.

Digimachining production facilities are located at Volta industrial area, close to Tallinn city centre.

Operating since 1899, Volta industries main production has been electric motors. Nowadays the factories produce mainly metalworking and electronics.

Digimachining is relatively new entity on the site, it takes machining orders from 2020. Although our team members have been in industry for more than two decades. 

Company’s engineers and experts are ready for most demanding tasks. With our neighboring companies on Volta site, we can cover even more heavier production requirements. 

Our offices are located nearby at city centre, Tuukri street and we have a presence in London, UK. 

Ask for a quote for your machining needs and our engineers will find you a suitable solution.

Tuukri 50 
Tallinn, Estonia
+372 5615 6378

Tööstuse 47 
Tallinn, Estonia

Digimachining Ltd
Register number 11514914
EU VAT code EE101240691
IBAN EE657700771003235787


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